Mar 25, 2022 @ 12:48 pm

Website Translation Services | Website Localization Services

The benefits your business will gain when you have website translation and localization services.

The need for Website Translation Services | Website Localization Services is an imperative. By translating your website into the language of the target audience, you will gain better brand credibility, products and services familiarity, and high return on investment accordingly (ROI). It is very important to speak the language of the target audience and would be great if you avoid imposing certain language on the people you are willing to reach.

Remarkably, the advent of the internet and globalization has provided numerous opportunities for business to expand in global markets and increase their ROI. In a survey conducted by Flash Eurobarometer found that users prefer websites in their native language, spend more time browsing the offered services and products that on sites which were not available in their native tongue. Reports also find out that translating blogs and website content in the language of the intended audience increases traffic by 47%. The importance of Website Translation Services | Website Localization Services are countless.

If you were in the customer shoes, what would you prefer?

Browsing blogs and websites in your native language provides more credibility and familiarity about the content, specifications, components, and usability of the offered products and items. At Translation River, we can translate content, markup text, Search engine optimization (SEO), social media, marketing materials, advertising campaigns, copywriting, and metadata for your websites and blogs into multiple languages.

Website Translation Services | Website Localization Services

We assure that we will return everything ready-for-uploading, tailored to meet your customer needs, and friendly with search engines. We are proficient in most Internet programming languages and can be counted on to retouch images with embedded texts, to translate keyword lists for recognition in foreign-language search engines, and to record professional voiceovers and sound bites for any multimedia content.

Reports show that more than 50% of the well-known search engine Google searches are not conducted in English. Website Translation Services | Website Localization Services will certainly increase your traffic significantly. This is the real truth on translating your website in your people’s native language.

REMEMBER! Website Translation Services | Website Localization Services

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” – Nelson Mandela

SUCCESSFUL STARTUPS LIKE: Tinder, Uber, Jawbone and Pinterest all had their web site translation and localization services placed properly and their websites speak in over 30 languages. Although 900 million internet users communicate in English, 73% of all website visitors are from non-English speaking countries. This shows the crucial importance of website translation and localization services and that translating your website, pages, blogs,…..etc.. is a must for your business success.

At Translation River, we deliver high quality human translation services in different language combinations. We will help you dominate, generate more traffic and increase conversion rate for your web content and increase sales.. Yes we can…. We are offering top notch website translation and localization services in competitive price.

Here is a briefing on the importance of translating the content of your website and blogs:-

  • Growing yours business revenue and increasing profits,
  • Expanding your business into new international markets,
  • Providing better customer experience,
  • Building trust, awareness, and credibility of your brand,
  • Increasing web content traffic and conversion,
  • Speaking the language of the intended audience,
  • Publicizing and getting news coverage,
  • Exceeding your competitors.