Mar 25, 2022 @ 12:54 pm

Marketing translation is very important in this digital world. Successful corporations pay careful attention to build their business in new language markets with translated and localized marketing and advertising materials. They address the right audience, study their cultural aspects, customs and traditions, and religious affiliations to best tailor the right marketing strategy. Launching a marketing campaign in a new language market is not an easy task. It can be a tricky affair as well if not carefully catered. Focusing on colors, choosing the right terms, turns of enticing phrases, avoiding insulting ones …etc., are among the key success factors for best performing campaigns across cultures. Without keen attention to cultural perspectives and religious affiliations, even the best- tailored marketing and Ad campaigns can falter.

Marketing translation

Why marketing translation matters?

In translating marketing and Ad materials, it is very crucial to analyze the original text. Specialized marketing team should review this source content for some terms, concepts, phrases, expressions, pictures that work in a country might not work in another. One size does not fit all here.  With that feedback at hand and before beginning the translation and localization process can help marketing team decide ahead whether to change the original text to ensure achieving consistency or align with the translation services provider to use the most effective expressions and terms in the target language. In the case of marketing translation, the ideal scenario is to have or assign a well-trained content writer in writing global friendly content that best suites the targeted market audience.

Time constraints in marketing translation

Some may think that translating marketing texts is a bout converting the source text to the target but the utter fact is that it needs enough time and budget. Unlike translating general business documents, marketing translation takes time so we should not expect the same cost or timeline when translating marketing materials. The content of marketing and advertising tends to be more open to interpretation and might be nuanced in most cases. Source texts of the press releases and headlines for instance require extra attention and multiple revisions to ensure reflecting the intended message from the expected translations.    

Furthermore, additional attention must be paid to consistency when translating marketing materials. Translating marketing projects should not be split among to many translators and content writers to ensure style consistency. This is harder to achieve in marketing content than in translating other business and technical texts.

How to translate brands across cultures, and the specific challenges and opportunities of global digital communications?

How is digital affected the need for local campaigns to be adapted for a global market? What well digital means is that the world is instantaneous so anything that you do in one market even if it is only designed for that market in digital can be picked up in other markets immediately. That is quite a concern now that is previously you could do something just for Spain as Burger King did a campaign just for Spain for the Mexican Burger that it will be picked up and the Mexican ambassador to Spain was unhappy with the way the campaign portraits on the Mexican people and it became a worldwide phenomena where some blame was passed on Burger King while Burger King had intent to do anything wrong. It’s happening all the time now recently absolute Vodka did an Ad just designed for one magazine in Mexico and this is the other way around it said in an absolute world and the visual here was a map of North America with Mexico but Mexico had extended in part of California was Mexico in this absolute world. Well some people in America were in the US were not happy about that and said we will never drink absolute Vodka again.

How to market translation services?

So, digital world is creating more cultural shocks in marketing translation and advertising that needs to be checked. The question here is that: does this help creativity? It’s important that creativity is as strong as it possibly can be. And the fact that needs to be taken into account cultural sensitivities does not mean that we need to do planned creative work and we always recommend to the brands that we work with that they should develop a strongest possible creative but make sure that it is well checked to see what the potential risk is in local cultures and then to take this risk if they feel that it is appropriate in the knowledge of what it is rather than the absence of that knowledge.

Marketing translation companies

In this rapid changing world and cross cultural connections, successful marketing translation companies pay keen attention to cultural connections. They should avoid thorny issues and embarrassing marketing translation mistakes that may cause negative repercussions in translating marketing materials. If you are looking for professional marketing translation companies to translate marketing materials, make sure that your content is translated with care.  

Marketing translation service requires focusing on the intended audience

Professional marketing teams know well that they have to determine if the translation project is intended for global or regional audience. Determining your audience and target language for your market is a focal point in reflecting the habits, tastes, and lifestyles of your local or global market. Implementing this scenario properly will help your business avoid the risks that may occur and reap the fruits of its benefits.

In advertising translation service, conveying the message is not enough but to persuade entice the right audience. With having the right team, building brand awareness, and focusing on cultural insights, your marketing strategy will invade the targeted market and create the right buzz in the minds of your corporate audience.

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