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Translation of Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

At Translation River, we deliver authorized translation for any police clearance certificate that all non-Kuwaiti citizens need to apply for Kuwaiti residency. Since this is a prerequisite by the government of the state of Kuwait, individuals planning to come to Kuwait for the purpose of work should provide official police clearance certificate from their home country. All individuals coming to Kuwait should obtain all the supporting documents prior to their arrival. Embassies inside the state of Kuwait cannot provide individuals with such documents or even authenticate such police clearance. In order to use Indian, Philippines, U.S., U.K., Canadian ….etc. issued police clearance certificate in Kuwait, individuals must complete the needed authentications in their home country.

Translation of Police Clearance Certificate PCC

Translation of Police Clearance Certificate PCC

A police check (also called a police clearance certificate, criminal record, Criminal Status Certificate, or certificate of good conduct) is necessary for some travel visas and most work visas in the state of Kuwait.

If you live in Kuwait and need to apply for one, you can obtain it yourself and the process is very simple. You can require one from the Ministry of Interior then it is a relatively simple process. It is very important to go to the correct building to avoid wasting your time in the wrong place. You have to go to the “Department of Criminal Evidences” building with a clear blue sign in the following address:

Department of Criminal Evidence

Ministry of the Interior

Farwaniya District, Kuwait


Location: Al Dajeej area in front of Kuwait Airways building

What are the required documents? Required Documents are as follows:-

Local Requests

  • Request letter
  • Two photographs
  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your resident visa in Kuwait (if you have it).

Non-Resident Requests

  • A letter from the local sponsor or requesting entity
  • One recent front-view color photograph
  • Passport and one photocopy
  • Kuwaiti Civil Identification Card and one photocopy

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