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Trusted by leading international brands, Translation River Company delivers its certified services for local, international and global clients all over the globe. Established in Kuwait, the company assumed its rank to be a good translation office in Salmiya specializes in providing translation and Arabization services. It’s headquarter is in Salem Al Mubarak street, Salmiya, state of Kuwait. The company was established in 2006 to meet the needs of its valued clients for various language services. Our translation office provides accurate and specialized document translations within a short period, it was able to stand out among many who offer the same services in the translation market. The company delivers a wide variety of translation and localization services in various language combinations and most business industries. Simply send your documents and get them translated professional in short period. Our translation is accredited at the ministry of justice as well as other ministries and governmental institutions in Kuwait. We do offer certified translation for apostille and other consular documents that needs legalization. Examples of translation we provide:

Translation of official documents

It is the service of providing a translation stamped with the company’s official seal, sworn translator’s signature that can be duly legalized and submitted to ministries, embassies and governments in Kuwait. Our translation are accompanied by a legal declaration that it is identical to the original document and is dated and signature of the certified document translator. Translation of official documents is not an easy task since it has certain standards that should be fulfilled before submitting to solicitor, embassies or official bodies. Regardless of your governorate in Kuwait, our team of our Translation office in Salmiya will be more than happy to deliver premium certified translation of your documents in the state of Kuwait.

Scientific and technical translation

We proud ourselves to meet our clients expectations to have their scientific and technical translation done and certified right the first time. Two words carry in their folds a summary of what the scientific and technical translation means, it seems easy at first and when you delve into it, you find it difficult and intractable. This is like intending to express an idea in your mind that is easy, but difficult to put into phrases. We provide our certified document translation duly authorized so that you can submit to the notary or any governmental institution. Whatever documents you have, be it scientific or technical, please rest assured that your will get them done right at affordable price.

Simultaneous translation

Interpretation is the best solution for individuals’ verbal obstacles when dealing with a person speaking in another language. Interpretation is to be done professionally and professionally, it needs qualified persons with verbal communication skills and accuracy in choosing these words.

translate kuwaiti arabic to english by Translation office in Kuwait

Many companies need to translate texts from Arabic into English. Translation River Online Office in Hawalli governorate in Kuwait assigns a professional translator who could process the translation correctly without any errors. Hence, the English language has become one of the dominant languages ​​used a lot in many fields. Consequently, translation from Arabic (Kuwaiti) into English by a Translation office in Salmiya has become of great importance to many individuals and institutions, due to the ease of dealing with different peoples and using it in many important areas.

What is the importance of translating documents from Kuwaiti Arabic into English?

Translation of documents is of great importance in various Arab countries. English has become one of the first official languages ​​in all countries of the country. Therefore, the translator must master it to be able to provide a professional translation of documents. The existence of translation from Arabic into English was one of the essential foundations for building Islamic civilization. It is used in translating various texts submitted to governmental and private institutions and agencies. In the end, the translation of the certificate must be characterized by professionalism to transfer the correct information from it.

Disadvantages of google translate english to kuwaiti arabic

Google’s translation service has made remarkable progress in recent times, but it still lacks much in the accuracy of translated texts. For example, Google translation and accurate human translation from a professional translator, are an example of fast food and home-prepared meals. The following are the most prominent obstacles that you may face when relying on Google Translate from English to Kuwaiti Arabic:

Cultural differences:

Translation River as a Translation office in Salmiya knows exactly that there are many cultural differences between countries. So, what is available and standard may be forbidden and forbidden in one country. Only a professional translator knows this. For example, the word owl carries a bad connotation in our Arab environment, symbolizing lousy luck and bad luck. In contrast, in the English environment, it represents “wisdom and dignity.”


Literal translation:

Indeed, many organizations seek accurate and royal translation companies in Europe to avoid literal and out-of-context translation. Therefore, Translation River Company is the most suitable choice for translation services with affordable rate such as contracts, documents, certificates, report, driver’s licenses, etc. Google Translate can translate terms but fails to convey the meanings within the context and this is the job of the human native translator who can properly translates your documents.

Translation Center in Salmiya

We are glad to announce that our key figures in Translation River Company are: experience, quality, multi languages and permanent clients. We target at creating “happy clients”. Our experienced professionals are devoting their skills and experiences in order to guarantee a great global journey for our clients.

What makes Translation River Company the best choice for you if you search for a translation center in Salmiya?

We have 5 special features that make us leaders as a Translation office in Salmiya in the industry market:

  • Fast translation, on time: If you got certificates, papers, posted files or a doc, we are always on time. It doesn’t matter how complex or long your content is, because meeting deadlines is what distinguish us.
  • Quality up to your expectations: We ensure you the high quality that you may request, as we have a specialized team consists of the best linguists and translators in each field, medical, legal, commercial, financial, etc.
  • Reasonable price: We offer a reasonable cost for translation that suits your budget.
  • certified content translators: We provide you available translators with experience in 40 fields, 24 hours a day to help you get your quote efficiently with no difficulty.
  • Working on any size: from a word till a whole project, we translate over than 20,000 word per day. All you do is to relax and rely on us.

Translation office in Kuwait

Translation River aims at achieving the balance between good pricing and the requested quality presented to customers. The company submit its services to embassy and ministry. We also present the needed help for growing enterprises as we seek a good communication with other companies in the field.

Our translation office in Kuwait gets you the direct support with your translation, and we response to your enquiry as quickly as we can. It is worth to mention that we got a list of experts language providers bearing pressure and are willing to complete their tasks professionally.

Everyone at his exact position. We have those who work on translation, and those for editing, those are proof readers and those for linguistic checking. Our Translation office in Salmiya worth your trust!

Contact us via email, or check our website. A language provider will contact you immediately as we seek availability all day long. Get your quote now and rely on us!

English to Kuwaiti Arabic translation

english to kuwaiti arabic translation can be challenging in most times. Because this type of translation doesn’t require any kind of Arabic translator. Rather, it requires a translator who practiced the dialect of Kuwait frequently, and can understand each word of it. Kuwaiti Arabic differentiates between male and female words. When you refer to a man or a woman, a different spelling for the Arabic words should be uttered.

At our office, Translation River presents to you the best english to kuwaiti arabic translation, as we include local native speakers of Kuwaiti Arabic in our company. If you got some business papers, authorized files, agreement, certification, report, applications, conference script, directory projects or contracts and you want them translated, then our office is your best choice.

Clients witnessed our provided quality and accuracy in our translations. We have gained the trust of them over 15 years and still. We seek ideal quality. That is why our name is marked in the market. Head now to our quarters, and get a trusted, zero-ambiguity quote!

English to Kuwaiti Arabic translator

Many people might think that English to Arabic translation is plain. It is a very sophisticated matter. Translating to Lebanon Arabic differs from translating it to Amman’s Arabic or Arab states of the Persian Gulf’s Arabic. The Arabic language in each country has its features. Even in the same country like Egypt, people in Sina (سينا) speak differently from people in the south or the people in the capital. Some words are specified to a certain culture and not the other. Even the United Kingdom English is different from the American English (USA). This has its impact on translation. At our Translation office in Salmiya, we deal ant translate to all those different dialects.

A good translator should always pay attention to this sort of difference. Here are some tips if you want to become an expert yourself:

  • Search if a certain idiom or term is different in the target language. Legal terminology and categories differ from one dialect to another. Legitimate papers also differ from a country to another.
  • Proofreading your paper will help you get an accurate and golden translation with no inconsistencies or ambiguous meaning.
  • Keep your eyes focused on the keywords all the time. Search a lot about information, that’s what makes an expert out of a translator.
  • Deliver your work on time.
  • Become a practitioner.
  • Work in popular Kuwait translation offices or Embassies or overseas bureau of Emigrations and overseas employment of the same branch. Get as much experience from your supervisor as you can in case you are a student.

Translation English to Kuwaiti Arabic words

Many Translators counter the problem of cultural differences in their businesses and translations. It is a very sophisticated process. Transferring a meaning in culture to another different one requires a certain rate and level of enlightenment. In this case, it’s preferable for the translator to be aware of an adequate amount of words in both cultures, Especially the Kuwaiti Arabic. There are many dictionaries that one can use to guide him instead of getting lost among many directions. Nevertheless, an expert should read into the two cultures along with their languages.

In Translation River, our Translation office in Salmiya, we train our translators to deal with such challenges intelligently. There are many books written by long experienced translators in this regard. You can find in the books different kinds of categories, and listed idioms in each language. If you want to become an expert yourself. Work with a Kuwaiti attorney to increase your area of expertise and gain the Kuwaiti Arabic language. You can work in a translation company (شركة للترجمة) that translates English into Kuwaiti Arabic and vice versa. Finding the perfect words for achieving meaning compatibility requires a lot of searches. If you reached a suitable level in that, you can work in the largest of corporations, civil and international ones. Signing in translation offices is the best way to boost your experience.

English to Kuwaiti Arabic translation google translate

Many Big Enterprises raised a huge fund to improve online translation applications. They managed some way or another to publish their advanced applications worldwide. They have paid a lot on marketing and consulted experienced consultants in the field. Some apps even have high ratings and reviews. However, these applications haven’t yet proved their efficiency. One can never rely completely on those apps. Unfortunately, some translators choose the easy way out and just put different types of texts on the apps and let them do the rest. Some translators do that even without proofreading it before they send it. Typing on them is easier than translating the documents for some translators. The most popular of these apps is Google translation. It has been improved greatly recently, but not to the extent of depending on it blindly.

Here in Translation River, we don’t allow such things to happen. Not only the work is delivered by such professional and long experienced translators, but also it’s delivered with such accuracy and high quality.


    TR logo 1 1


    1. الصفحة الواحدة = 250 كلمة .

    2. تُطبّق رسوم إضافية للترجمة المتخصصة .

    3. يتعذر الحصول على تسعير دقيق عند تحميل ملفات ممسوحة ضوئيًا أو وسائط منخفضة الجودة .

    4. تتغير الأسعار تبعاً لتغير الزوج اللُّغَوي .

    5. a page = 250 Word.

    6. additional cost shall be included for technical translation

    7. Low resolution scanned files or low quality media may have inaccurate quote

    8. Price varies according to language pair

    Where can I find an Accredited Arabic Translation Service?

    Looking for Arabic translation services near me? You’ve come to the right place. I have a few choice Doc translation services near me, and one of them is quite good. The company is called Dar Alma’ajim International Translation and they provide certified Arabic translation services from their offices in Kuwait. They are a member of the Middle East Forum and they are a member of the Arab Translation and Interpretation Association (ATAIA). They offer document translation services in Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

    When I was looking for Arabic document translation services in Kuwait, I had many options, but none that were particularly attractive to me. I found the most attractive services were those that offered a guaranteed receipt of translation and legal assistance. That’s why I chose the ones that were members of the Association of Certified Arabic Translations (AATA). If you would like to learn more about accredited Arabic translation service in Kuwait or other Arab languages, please read on.

    Where can I find an Accredited Arabic Translation Service

    Where can I find an Accredited Arabic Translation Service



    How can you be sure that an Arabic document translation service is really certified? There are several ways. The most common way is to look at their logo – it must be a registered trademark in the Gulf Cooperating Countries Patent and have copyrights. Another way is to check out their website. The AATA website will list a lot of information about the organization and they have a certification seal displayed on their site.

    Where can I find an Accredited Arabic Translation Service? Arabic is a very difficult official spoken language and a professional translation service needs to be very careful in choosing its clients. Before deciding to hire a particular translation service, you should ask them to submit their translation in a software such as the CAT (Computer Aided Transcription) so that you can check their turnaround of accuracy. Keep in mind that a properly trained and experienced translator will be able to adjust the sentence structure of the document to make it fit exactly into the required context. Even grammar correction software will not do this. An experienced, trained and correct Arabic translator will be able to produce a well-corrected document without too many errors.

    There is a huge demand for Arabic original translation services In Kuwait and overseas. There are many job opportunities for qualified translators and interpreters who can work both as freelancers and office employees. For instance, there are many posts on jobs available for translating legal documents requested in Kuwait. You can also find several advertisements on job openings in document translation in Saudi Arabia. In general, there is a need for skilled and knowledgeable individuals to translate legal documents in various languages.

    Many employers who want to avail of documents in a particular language do not have time to verify documents’ translations themselves. They often hire an accredited Arabic document translator service to save time and money. A company representative will personally visit your workplace and translate the documents for you. If you happen to have some knowledge about the languages, you can conduct your own translation and editing of the translated documents. This is a good solution if the documents are extremely important and should therefore be translated by only the most experienced and qualified professionals.

    Where can I find an Accredited Arabic Translation Service? If you are thinking of applying for a job in the legal field or in the related fields, you can apply with an accredited Arabic document translation service to receive translated copies of your necessary documents. Some companies require their translators to be accredited by the translation bureau of the country that they want the translated documents to be posted to. The translation bureau’s reputation and standing is reflected by its accreditation. Accredited documents are more likely to receive an interview from a potential employer and more likely to be accepted.

    Finding an accredited Arabic translation service in Kuwait is not difficult. The Internet is a good source of information. Look for a website that offers a free, no obligation trial. Some services do offer this, though they may ask you to make a payment before the trial period is over. A more affordable service may not require a fee until after you have received your Arabic translation. Your choice will depend on the level of quality you expect.

    You may happen to come across many translation services providers in Kuwait, though ours is highly distinguished among all. We work on a wide range. Every document issued from the company is bearing the seal and signature of our company, thus it would be much trusted when presented to any authority. We frequently reply to our customers immediately. At our company, we have a standard for each of our services. Nothing goes randomly.

    You can totally trust Dar Alma’ajim as the best translation services provider in Kuwait. Our translations go through many processes in order to be highly accurate at last. We aim to get rid of “plain translations” and target “Accurate translation”. We provide authorized documents with affordable price. If you have notary documents, public licenses documents or banking records files, we are glad to meet your needs and provide you the best quality through our translation process you may ever seek.

    Where Can I Find Reliable Translation Service?

    Where can I find an Accredited Arabic Translation Service through which I could to translate into other languages? When you are dealing with international business, communication is one of the key components. No matter what the products and services are, if you cannot communicate properly, you will never make sales. Therefore, what do you do to ensure that your documents get the best translation possible?

    Most people in this industry make use of the services of a document translation service provider. However, these are not the only ones who can do this. You can find several businesses that can provide document translation services for your needs. This is why it is important that you identify those who can provide the best translation services for your needs. In this article, we shall be identifying the different types of document translation providers so that you can make a wise decision when selecting them.

    The first type of document translation provider is the translators or interpreters. These providers are professionals who are highly trained to handle any kind of translation. They can work independently or as part of a team, depending on how many projects they are handling at a time. You can choose either an American style provider or a European style. In addition to providing translations, these providers can also handle other kinds of translations like interpreters, translators, and transcription providers.

    The second type of translation provider is the translation agencies. These companies can offer different kinds of translation depending on your needs. If you need to translate a large amount of text from one language to another, then you can hire them for the job. They are experienced in performing this kind of translation. They may also be able to translate software and other informational materials as well.

    The third type of provider is the language translators. They are skilled with the different kinds of languages. This means that if you are translating an English article to a Spanish one, you can expect that the quality will be different. You can determine this by reading reviews about the companies that you are interested in hiring. The good news is that most language translators are freelancers who work from home so you won’t have to spend much to hire them.

    The fourth type of document translation service is the translation outsourcing companies. These companies are experts in document translation. If you wonder where can I find an Accredited Arabic Translation Service? Then these companies are the right solution for you. They have wide experience in translating business documents, technical translation, legal translation, medical transcription and other types of translation. The only downside is that it can be costly because you will be paying them per hour instead of the fees that they charge for each individual project. Also, make sure that you go over their terms and conditions before hiring them to ensure that you are not being cheated.

    The fifth service that you can hire is the translation agencies. They are like the translation freelancers but they have more specialized services. Here, they provide services such as market research, Interpretation of Conference, translation of business documents and technical documentation, among others. It is best to deal with professionals or agencies because they can assure you that the translated material will be accurate and should not contain any errors or omissions. A professional service provider will be able to conduct document translation quickly and accurately so you can get the job done faster and in less time.

    These are just some of the ways in which you can find translation service providers. Remember that the quality of your translated documents depends on the skill and the expertise of the translator. If you want to go with an agency or translator, make sure that you go through their reviews and you also check the background of their employees. You can save time and money if you can find reliable translators or agencies who have a good reputation in the industry. It pays to be careful and if you take your time in choosing the best translation company or translator, you can definitely get the best service and results for your business.

    Accredited Arabic translation service

    Where can I find an Accredited Arabic Translation Service? At the head office of Dar Alma’ajim Company, you’ll get your files translated at once at an affordable price. We have special translator for special, complex files in various fields; commercial, legal, financial, political, press-related contexts and others. Each content has a room among us. You also will get your files stamped from our honorable company. Just inform us with your requirements and we get you what you want precisely.

    English to Kuwaiti translation

    In translation field, mastering translation is highly recommended because no one is going to go easy on you. Business is business after all. It takes years of mastering and years of experience. Translation especially will make no benefit is you haven’t practiced it. At Dar Alma’ajim Intranational Translation Company, we are highly aware of what it takes to translate perfectly, which tools you would better use, and what techniques would help our employees to render correctly. We gather native speakers of each language we offer services in for the purpose of seeking accuracy. Some of them are working online with us, and others at the head office. Whether the language you need a translation in is French, English, Spanish, German, Italian or others, we got a place for it in our company.

    The certificates we translate are delivered on time. Commitment to deadlines is what defines us! Get us the original files you wanted them to translate, and we meet your needs.

    Accredited Translation Service

    If you haven’t contacted us yet, what are you waiting for!

    All you have to do is order a quote free of any charge of send to us with all you need and we will contact you in no time.

    We as an international accredited translation company are proud to say that we serve thousands of clients of different nationalities worldwide. We do not just serve separate individuals but also many international companies as well; hence the translation is the best way of communication all around the world.

    What distinguishes us is that we offer more than just a translation. One of the pros of choosing us if the guaranteed quality. Our finalized translations go through many quality assurance processes of our own established by our experts of many years of intensive experience in the field. We also would provide you your documents translated back on-time. Your priority is our priority.

    Certified Arabic Translation to English Near Me

    Translation is not just about transferring the meaning from one language to another. It is a lot more sophisticated a process than one might wonder, that’s why we make sure that our translators are of highly intensive experience especially in if the languages involved are Arabic and English. It is not just about words but also the cultural and legal backgrounds of the country you want to travel to or from. That is why we make sure our translators are well aware of the legal procedures and background of the concerned country in order to ensure you a guaranteed acceptance to the translated documents. Our company has been granted the certification internationally from many Kuwaiti Ministries and Embassies. You need not worry, for you are in good hands.

    Document translation office near me

    Where can I find an Accredited Arabic Translation Service? Document translation is tricky, for it includes certain techniques and strategies to be able to render the document accurately. The form for instance has to be the same as the source. It would be messy is you translate job applications for example into random messed- up forms. What makes our translations special is the fast delivery and commitment to the requirements of our clients. The cost also is not much. Besides, we got rooms for all dialects of any language. So, whether you are British, Irish, Scottish, American or Afro-American, you will find what you seek at our company. Dar Alma’ajim Company is a document translation office near me which you can reach smoothly. Select a Language and order a quote, and you get the beautiful combination you look for. Don’t bother yourself by connection methods, for we got more than a way to connect us.

    We have developed an online stage especially for people of remote places or countries. Now all you have got to do is to press a button and a representative of us will contact you immediately. All questions are answered. Further, if you would like to be speaking with a translator directly to ask about what you want, the company insures you this service. You can send us via Gmail or through the messages of our webpage. Essential translations is what we aim at consistently.

    tel +965697125307

    documents translation services near me

    Document translation services near me could be various in any city of Kuwait. Most probable every street could have one office of translation, because translation field has become viral nowadays. With the great demands, the increasing needs, and the updates of technology, people started to need to translate what they face in their real world into languages they could understand to cope with world updates. Let’s think of it for a while. Imagine that you traveled into come country or city in Europe, and when you are out for shopping, you get texted from an online shopping website offering you the product you desire in return of a good price. For a sec, you are impressed, and you look into the pic of the product but you cannot solve the mystery of the details written beside the pic. You cannot understand the info about the advantages or disadvantages of the product. Wouldn’t translation be of a good benefit then?

    If you are up to extract a license from a foreign country, wouldn’t you need your papers translated correctly? Or when you are up to to extract a birth certificate, enrolling into a class in university or in institutions court, completing some procedures at a ministry, finishing up government papers, or taking a an exam. Anything you do in this life requires translation, That why when you ask Where can I find an Accredited Arabic Translation Service? The answer is Dar Alma’ajim International translation Company. Contact us via fax number, Hotmail or Gmail and we reply in less than hours. Dar Alma’ajim is the way to support your future.


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      1. الصفحة الواحدة = 250 كلمة .

      2. تُطبّق رسوم إضافية للترجمة المتخصصة .

      3. يتعذر الحصول على تسعير دقيق عند تحميل ملفات ممسوحة ضوئيًا أو وسائط منخفضة الجودة .

      4. تتغير الأسعار تبعاً لتغير الزوج اللُّغَوي .

      5. a page = 250 Word.

      6. additional cost shall be included for technical translation

      7. Low resolution scanned files or low quality media may have inaccurate quote

      8. Price varies according to language pair