Document Translation Services

Document Translation Services

Document Translation Services

High quality Document Translation Services at Translation River agency. Translation River is knowledgeable and reliable Document Translation Services provider, offering high quality translation services. We have superb standards throughout all the work process helping us deliver excellent translations. All our language translators are native and able to deliver specific, consistent and constructive translations that support you attain your business expectations and communicate with your clientele efficiently.

Our language translators are experts in their mother tongue and produce professional and consistent document translation services in different language combinations. Apart from the potential in document translation services, they also possess know how in a wide range of industries together with scientific, financial, telecommunication, technical, criminal, schooling, and all other e-studying topics.

Document Translation Services

At Translation River, we translate all types of content from English or every other language as we are knowledgeable with the entire official languages. Our highly skilled professional translators are qualified, bilingual native speakers. They are selected based on their experience and special areas of expertise. Consecutive / Simultaneous Interpretation; Document Translation; Multimedia – Desktop Publishing; Website Globalization; Voice-Over / Subtitling / Narration; Software Localization; and Audio / Video Transcription & Translation; and Consulting – Brand Name Analysis and Legal / Market / Cultural Analysis are among our service offerings in Translation River.

High Quality Document Translation Services

If the translated contents are going to be positioned in any computer or equipment, our document translation services team are comparable to deal with SDL Trados, Translation memory, Adobe Photoshop, In-design, Illustrator and CorelDraw. The best part about it is, we don’t charge any further fees if you need us to make use of genuine type fonts notwithstanding it’s a tough assignment.

We might be happy to supply a free sample translation of around 150-250 words in case you have a large extent of documents.  We provide document translation services from and into the following languages:-

Hindi translation, Marathi translation, Kannada translation, Telugu translation, Tamil translation, Malayalam translation, Punjabi translation, Oriya translation, Assamese translation, Bengali translation, German translation, French translation, Spanish translation, Italian translation, Danish translation, Greek translation, Portuguese translation, Finnish translation, Swedish translation, Dutch translation, Chinese language translation, eastern translation, Thai translation, Indonesian translation, Lao translation, Vietnamese translation, Korean translation, Burmese translation, Serbian translation, Farsi translation, Urdu translation, Arabic translation, Hebrew translation, Hungarian translation, Czech translation, Russian translation, Turkish translation, Polish translation, Bulgarian translation, Ukrainian translation, Norwegian translation, Slovak translation, Dari translation, Mongolian translation, Romanian translation, Flemish translation, Lao translation, Malay translation, Latvian translation, Pashto translation.

We do not use word for word translation or Google translation, since we simply human and native language translators who provide 100% consistent and error free human translation services.

Please feel free to contact us at: +965-69600018 or browse our website or to send us an email & request a free quote for translating your documents promptly with the aid of native translators.


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    1. الصفحة الواحدة = 250 كلمة .
    2. تُطبّق رسوم إضافية للترجمة المتخصصة .
    3. يتعذر الحصول على تسعير دقيق عند تحميل ملفات ممسوحة ضوئيًا أو وسائط منخفضة الجودة .
    4. تتغير الأسعار تبعاً لتغير الزوج اللُّغَوي .
    5. a page = 250 Word.
    6. additional cost shall be included for technical translation
    7. Low resolution scanned files or low quality media may have inaccurate quote
    8. Price varies according to language pair