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Medical Translation Services

The Translation River Company – A new World of medical Translation services

When dealing with medical translation services, we pay careful attention to small details and full understanding of medical terminology. Having worked with medical and pharmaceutical organizations, private and government sectors, we deliver outstanding and accurate medical translation services for our clients across the globe. The clinical Translation division at Translation River Company provides the most accurate and respectable medical translation features around the world, via 100+ multilingual medical translators from a number of clinical specializations.

Accurate medical translation is vital, and for this reason, the medical translation services business unit makes use of skilled clinical translators and interpreters who are totally qualified in a number of professional areas, from universal scientific via to biochemical, prescription drugs, dental, consultation reports, clinical trial documents, machine operating manuals, codes of conduct, medical research, and existence-sciences.

Medical Translation Services

To ensure the high-quality of medical translation services, only “native” translators are used, warding off grammatical errors and enhancing the standard first-class and accuracy of every translated document.

The clinical Translation enterprise assigns each challenge to the best possible translator, on a case-with the aid of-case basis, guaranteeing the very best quality carrier.

The four-step technique starts off with translation via a senior scientific translator, really expert within the field count. Subsequent, enhancing and checking takes place through a yet another experienced clinical translator, earlier than revision and validation of the alterations are requested by the preliminary translator. At last, a full task overview takes location by way of the assigned task manager.

A new global medical translation services

The company has capabilities in over 100 language pairs, and the native translators come from over 50 countries around the world.

“The need for accuracy and excellency in clinical translation cannot be understated” referred to Susana Scolippi, mission supervisor..

“Our global network of native talking, clinical specialists, set the common standards across the world, to supply accurate translations as a part of our service.

In regards to the scientific translation services, the clinical Translation business gives further functions including voiceover, summarization, transcription, subtitling and copywriting.

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