The importance of software localization in this rapid changing world.

Software localization is the process of adapting a software product or an application to the linguistic, cultural, legal, and technical requirements of a target audience. With the advance of technology and digitization of world communications, conferences and events in London are spontaneously transmitted to Cairo; decisions made in Washington affect prices in Johannesburg; email from San Francisco arrives in a few seconds in Paris.

Software localization comprises the program itself with any online or printed materials to satisfy the needs of the users in the targeted market. International companies are plugged into the electronic world networks of communication. Information technology has revolutionized every aspect of our daily life. Translators work environment is not far from these rapid changes. This fact is so obvious for everyone on this globalized world. Software localization creates a feel of familiarity and comfort for users.

At Translation River, we are making the best use of technology and engineering methods to ensure consistency, cut costs, and assist the translation team to integrate the aspects of computer assisted translation. The vast majority of language translators are not using reams of paper anymore. Personal computers have long replaced typewriters. Mass storage devices and CD- ROMs have replaced paper dictionaries. Encyclopedias and huge resources can be accessed easily by the aid of the internet.

Modern world is adapted to the culture of international corporations, international banking transactions, international entertainment companies, and internationally-oriented business. Information technology offers us useful tools where more and more translation work is performed. localization helps users interact successfully with localized offerings.

software localization

Revenues from software localization

International reports and recent market studies confirm that the worldwide revenues for software localization and globalization-related services are increasing in remarkable growth. On a recent market study by Ovum Reports, The Expanding World of Globalization (Language International 9.2 1997), Liza Loughman reports that all software localization services revenues represents huge increase especially in entertainment related games.

Our professional team of consultants, linguists, programmers, and web developers will deliver premium support for you to achieve outstanding success in the global market. In addition to translation, there are other tasks involved in the software localization and video game localization projects. Our team will help you through the standard localization process to the linguistic quality assurance and delivery of the project.

If you’re looking for professional localization services, use a human translation services company with an established track record like Translation River. We offer all of the accurate translation services you need, in the languages you require, at the level of quality you demand and with a fair price.

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