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legal translation services

The importance of using professionals and providing legal translation services is an imperative as poor translation can lead to fatal mistakes that may result in presenting cases improperly in front of official bodies such as courts.

Expert translators agree that legal translation services must be taken extremely seriously. Several companies increasingly enter into agreements with other ones and accordingly need multilingual legal document translation for their contracts, tenders, agreements, lawsuits, and many other legal documents. Legal documents translation is not a trivial task. It necessitates complete precision, sincerity, and practical experience where laws have certain terminologies and phrases that tend to be critical.

The importance of translating legal documents

Numerous companies are seeking precision in translating their legal documents where mistranslation and even the tiniest error can cause huge damages ending up in lawsuits, legal exposure, financial obligations, distorting the company’s image, and goodwill losses. Companies have to seek highly trained professionals in this field since they cannot afford to make any mistakes in this rapid changing world that may consume their resources.

Translating legal documents and interpreting within a legal context is a complex and crucial process. This legal process requires accuracy and specialization. At Translation River, we provide accurate, reliable, confidential, and cost-effective legal translation services.

As a part of our services, we deliver professional advice and on time support required for our valued clients all over the world. We often translate typical legal documents including but not limited to: litigation documents, court judgments, Articles of Association and Incorporation, contracts, correspondence, agreements, statements and new litigation.

Best Legal Translation Services

Our translators and court interpreters are qualified and experienced in a range of legal fields. Their expertise includes: companies and competition laws, intellectual property rights, international and local trade, commercial law, and litigation. We deliver high quality Legal translation services to numerous law firms throughout Middle East and Europe for over 11 years.

Our legal translation Services teams are specialists in legal fields and capable of translating and interpreting litigation and Copyright terminology, managing time constrains to meet deadlines, while delivering the output in the highest quality. We work in over 100 languages and can deliver top notch translation for: certificates, court proceedings, declarations, depositions, letters, patents, transcripts, and wills.

Legal translation services

Legal translation services at translation river

Legal translation Services

In a rapid changing world and with the need for international commercial arbitration growing every day, companies of all sizes need legal translation services to ensure that their legal documents are translated accurately and on time.

Translation River is a trusted partner for local, national and global organizations in a wide variety of industries including but not limited to: aviation, banking and finance, manufacturing, construction, insurance, government sector, natural resources, technology, retail, marketing, transportation and real estate. Whether your documents pertain to International Law, Public Law or Real Estate Law, our experienced team of translators, linguists, and writers are committed to exceed your expectations.

To have your documents translated properly, we assure that our translation members of the legal translation department enjoy thorough knowledge of the legal language and its context as well as work closely with lawyers in specialized areas, including tax, mergers and acquisitions, banking, capital markets, competition, intellectual property, trademarks ,employment, litigation, and statutes. We work as part of your team to achieve the results you need – in both of official languages to avoid poor translation that can lead to extremely serious consequences especially when dealing with official bodies such as Ministry of justice.

We, at Translation River provide multilingual professional legal translation with clarity and accuracy to help you avoid misinterpretation and confusion. The importance of providing accurate legal translation and court interpreting services is not negotiable. Nowadays, competition is very fierce, and multinational corporations pursue total quality management and care about small mistakes which may result in lawsuits, counterclaims, and exposure to penalties and consumption of the company’s resources.

So, if you are looking for professional legal translation Services Company, then you are at the right place where Translation River provides high quality legal translation services in an affordable price and on time. We are using Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) to provide consistent translation and create accurate terminology database.

At Translation River, we are keen to deliver efficient and accurate legal translation services covering and translating the following kinds of legal document translation:-

Contracts and agreements

Memoranda of association

Articles of incorporation

Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights

Immigrations and Employment documents



Judicial Transcripts and lawsuits

Confidentiality Agreements

Applications/Appeals/Court Decisions

Licensing Agreements

Powers of Attorneys

Sales Deeds

Minutes of meetings

Wills and Trusts

So if you are willing to deal with a professional legal translations provider, Translation River is a language Solutions Company specialized in delivering accurate and consistent legal translations. The company provides legal translation online, customized and unified legal translation dictionary for your company, legal translation Arabic to English in addition to other language combinations, and legal translation course for students and workers in the field

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