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The world of localization is very broad and is growing rapidly with the advent of technology. Most business in today’s rapid changing world is global. The need to succeed internationally becomes a must. And for their offerings products and services) to succeed in global market, they have to pay careful attention and spend a lot of effort on their localization strategy. Every successful business investing in the global market considers localization as the most critical success factor.



The importance of localization in our daily life

To strengthen a brand and achieve higher profit margin, your business has to go global. Nowadays, going global is not an easy task. The marketplace is like battlefield and the competition is very fierce. One of the critical difficulties that businesses face when going international is crossing the language and cultural barriers. At the same time, they have to remain their company’s value and brand image to have successful offerings overseas. Emerging markets are promising opportunities for companies willing to go global. Companies must plan ahead their multilingual content marketing strategy and adapt it to the targeted market to achieve best results.

Localization and adaptation

Localization is not only about adaptation, but it is a bout caring as well. Caring about clients and speaking their language is very important. Customers prefer products written in their native language. They feel happy when they see any company cares about their cultural norms and nuances. Creative and digital marketing agencies often face troubles seeking quick turnaround to translate a brochure and localize a game, a program, or an application into the intended language of the customers.

With tight deadlines, they often wonder about the accuracy of localization as a very important part of their marketing campaign. Preserving their brand image and core values of the company is a hectic matter since they have to retain the meaning and sentiment in the target language of their audience.
That’s why it is very important to partner with a professional and reputable localization agency that can help and oversee the whole localization process. Localizing well reduces risk that may arise due to advertising practices that may be considered offensive to the local culture. Failure to localize well, will cause the company huge loss and can distort the image of the brand in the minds of consumers since this may be considered as a lack of respect of their customs and traditions.

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About Yahia Marey
I’m a native speaker of Arabic, living in Kuwait. I have a graduate degree in translation & simultaneous interpretation, and an MBA degree in Marketing. I primarily translate business and legal content, but I also enjoy translating for tourism, sports, health, cooking, literature, and new technologies.
Enjoys localization, content writing, and copywriting.

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